Beyond the Martian Star

Beyond the Martian Star_Cover.jpg

Humanity no longer only calls Earth its only home. A successful colony of four has been established on Mars. The amount of knowledge humanity is gaining from this amazing endeavor is incomparable. But before the next batch of colonists is sent, an even greater discovery is made - ruins deep beneath the surface of Mars. 

Upon arriving, they learn of a startling fact. The ruins are identical to modern Earth buildings. Furthermore, one of the original group has fallen insane with Earth-Out-Of-View phenomenon, a psychological condition no one has yet seen or even prepared for.

On the brink of more scientific discoveries, the colonists have no way home, and no backup. It is up to them to bring a man with an unknown insanity to be sane again, and solve the riddle of the ruins on Mars, while their very morality, spirituality, and humanity come into question.